MICE Europe

Portugal – Madeira

madeira_001 madeira_002

Dolphins and Whale Watching, rent a nice ship for you and your team members and enjoy the waters in Madeira Island which are very rich in cetaceans, so why not observe these magnificent marine mammals in their natural habitat. We guarantee it’s an experience of a lifetime and a moment that stays forever in our memory. Delight at the sight of humpback whales, killer whales, Bryde’s whale, the cachalot, the common whale, between others. Encounter wild dolphins such as oceanic dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphin, common dolphins.

Italy – Rome

vatican rome

Everybody knows the antiquity and Rome a city which always attracted everyone. But who has seen the private apartments of the old aristocratic family Colona, which became Papal Residence in the 15Century. Ore visited a private Church where a Roman citizen will lecture about his life 2100 years ago and where your guests are supplied with delicious snacks from Roman times but made in the 21C! Music will enlighten this unusual event.

Austria – Salzburg

salzburg2 salzburg

In the city of Salzburg an ultra modern part of the airport can house a dazzling party where more than 1000 guests arriving by plain, just walk into the event location to have a wonderful time. It’s not necessary to say that an event at such a location is overwhelming. This location can of course also be used for an international conference without any logistical problem and has enough space for an exhibition as well.

Germany – Frankfurt

frankf frankfurt

In Frankfurt a day of film making on a life-like movie set might be something really special, at least different from the usual teambuilding events. Bring your screenplay, your actors and this is the beginning of a motivational film, while at the same time improving your team efforts as well as team spirit. The creative efforts are supported by qualified personnel and professional equipment including stage props.

Ireland – Dublin

dublin greyhound

Relaxed Ireland. A country with space for anything linked to nature and famous for golf. But also the destination for whiskey, food and fun. A combination of these aspects were found when dining in Dublin in private suites after a whiskey tasting and betting on the greyhound races. Fun, you can be sure!