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Sailing on the IJsselmeer

Hoorn IJsselmeer

Add a very special excursion to your visit of The Netherlands by sailing on the largest lake of the Netherlands: the IJsselmeer, which is the largest lake of The Netherlands.

There are many options to customize your sailing trip. All is possible sailing for a couple of hours or several days.

Another way to customize your trip is to choose between an active or relaxing way of sailing. The active way will mean that you have to help the captain to sail the ship, the relaxing way will mean that the staff do all the work on board. You just enjoy and relax.

Around the IJsselmeer there are a many historical places which are definitely worth a visit. To mention some: Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Monnickendam.
There are different ships to sail on but the most traditional Dutch ones are the wooden ships.

Architectural tour Amsterdam

IJ3 Borneo

For those who want something different an example could be an architectural tour through the new developments along the banks of the North sea-inlet “IJ”. During this tour you discover the change of a former harbor area into a residential area. Also you will be able to visit IJburg, a complete new area of Amsterdam built on reclaimed land.

Visit Rotterdam

Rotterdam Cubes

Rotterdam is after Amsterdam the 2-nd largest municipality in The Netherlands, but when you compare these cities you’ll discover that Rotterdam has a much more modern and urban character. From far away you see Rotterdam’s modern’s skyline.

The lifeline of Rotterdam is the port, which was for many years the largest and is now the 3-rd largest of the world. There is a variety of boat tours possible through the port area.

Visit Maastricht

Maas Maastricht

Maastricht, a former Roman city is over 2000 year old. Located in the south east of the Netherlands it’s atmosphere is completely different from the rest of the country.

Special about Maastricht are amongst others the warm unique character and the harmonious atmosphere, the central location in Western Europe and the wide diversity in business venues and recreation facilities in and around the city.

How about visiting one of the caves, castles or museums in the Maastricht area. Or did you ever think about visiting the national treasure room, where during World War II Rembrandt’ Night Watch or the Street of Delft of  Vermeer where hidden. Other options are activities on the river Meuse.

Visit The Hague

Hague Hague2

The Hague is the third largest city in The Netherlands and is both Queens and governmental residance. The city also houses international organisations such as the international Court of Justice in the Peace Palace.

The royal touch you will find in the many palaces of the family of Orange Nassau, the Binnenhof & Ridderzaal (where nowadays the Houses of Parliament and governmental offices are located) and in the Mauritshuis with paintings of Vermeer, Frans Hals and Rembrandt.